Terms of rental (General Conditions of the Lease)

Rental Terms are an integral part of the rental agreement concluded between the guest and the Lessor on the basis of approved reservation.


Guest rents an apartment only for the purpose of short-term Lease for days on the principles of the hotel also called the holiday rentals. This is not a lease for residential purposes. The premises can not be established and the company can not be conducted business activity.


Guest is responsible for the occupants of the premises in the observance of all the General Conditions of the Lease. The premises are not allowed, ie. Can not stay more than the number of paid up days.


The building rules apply compliance standards emit noise. Hours commonly used curfew from 22 pm to 6 am. Guest will respect the rules of curfew and maintain good relations with its neighbors (eg. Pre-informed about the planned social events and obtain their permission to break the rules of curfew).


The guest undertakes to maintain the cleanliness of the premises, but also follow the rules of order. The maintenance rules of order are valid also for parking spaces for vehicles and backyard. Impurities will be thrown in the trash only. In the case of rental housing, where there is segregation of waste, Guest is obliged to above segregation to use.

No smoking

In the premises smoking is forbidden. It is possible only on the balconies as long as they are assigned only to the rented premises provided disposal of the remnants of cigarettes in a sealed jar with water.


In the apartment can stay only an animal subject to the approval of the Lessor on a specific animal to in writing, eg. In the sent e-mail or sms, and paid for them in advance payments.

Maintenance of premises

The guest undertakes to inform the landlord of any defects, damage and problems arising in the premises. In case of emergency you must first notify the emergency services (fire, police, ambulance, gas, energy emergency, ambulance) and then the Lessor. Repair costs arising due to wear, negligence or improper use of the premises and equipment will remain on the side, and the costs resulting from a defect before the introduction (CHECK-IN) will remain on the side of the Lessor.
The guest is responsible for the current performance monitoring equipment affecting safety, ie. Electricity and gas, and sanitary. A leaking faucet or toilet water permeable may cause flooding and additional damage and increase water consumption, increasing the bills, which increased the landlord may charge the guest.

Security of premises

Before each leaving the premises guest you are obliged to close all windows to prevent damage caused by the sudden conversion of the weather. You should also check that all electrical equipment has been disconnected, the gas turned off and all the taps twisted.
Damage caused by negligence will be during his absence or after moving out (CHECK-OT) will be charged.

Keys and locks

Unauthorised installation of additional or replacement lock door lock is unacceptable. If Guest lose only a few keys, please contact as soon as possible with the Lessor in order to determine the treatment plan.
Emergency opening of doors by the Lessor in case of lost keys by guest or temporary lack of access will be a key will be charged the following administrative costs:
Weekdays between the hours of 8 am and 20 pm - PLN 50,
Other seasons, and the holidays - PLN 100.
The cost of duplicating keys, possibly a new lock because of lost keys will be charged additionally.


Home insurance by the landlord does not cover personal belongings will be no OC will. The Lessor recommends to take out personal liability insurance, and insurance will be the personal property on the premises.
The right to enter the property
1. Lessor reserves the right to enter the property during the guest's stay, regardless of his presence on the premises without the need for his consent when there is suspicion of a criminal offense and in case of emergency (threat to life or property) will be an important interests or the Lessor or other urgent needs of the Lessor not which could be fulfilled after moving out will be. With the approval will be in other cases.
2. In the event that the premises closed room by the landlord and not intended for rent (eg. Room) or other closed premises equipment (eg. Wardrobes, storage spaces), Guest has banned the use of the above. premises or equipment. In addition, the Lessor may inspect the confined spaces or equipment on the same basis as the entrance to the premises described in point. 1 this point the main "The right to enter the property."

Security in place

Guest is responsible for the safety of themselves and their guests while in the premises. The Lessor shall not be liable for any risky behavior of the occupants of the premises.
In particular, it is prohibited to store in the premises of materials hazardous to health: toxic substances, explosives and other illegal activities.

Additional services

In cases where a guest chooses one of the additional services or meet the conditions of its existence, eg. Enter is outside normal hours CHECK-IN or leave outside normal hours CHECK-OUT will pay the appropriate fees in accordance with the price list published on the or orally or otherwise way such as eg .: E-mail, phone, SMS messaging system in the reservation system.

End of lease

After the end of the rental guest undertakes to bring the local to the state recorded upon arrival or in the protocol handover, if one has been made. The apartment on the day of receipt of the premises should be emptied of items belonging to the Guest and clean. The costs of repair damage left in the premises and the costs of cleaning the premises, over standard will be charged.
For items left by the guest at the end of your stay or if they leave without notice to the landlord before the end of your stay, the landlord does not take any responsibility. They will be considered abandoned by the guest as held for disposal.

Date of Publication and entry into force 2016-11-12

Conditions have been prepared on the basis of the General Conditions of Rental Association Mieszkanicznik.